F is for…

Move over Fujifilm x100s
Say hello to this sexy thing!
Fujifilm x100F

F is for freaking A M A Z I N G!

(By the way: this is not a pixel counting sort of review or
very technical, the internet has enough of 

Goodness there is always a lot of pressure on what your first shot(s) are going to be when you get a new camera! And it has been four years since I upgraded a digital camera.
I’ve been enjoying my love affair shooting film and collecting analog cameras the past two years and I forgot all about the digital camera world.

Analog cameras never seem to “age”. Well, they age of course, but you can always pick up an analog camera 75 years old and work perfectly. Whereas digital cameras tend to age at warp speed. But we live in a predominately digital world and as a photography enthusiast I also like to keep up with what is out there. Yes, yes I know it’s not always about the gear you have, but I’m not one to always enjoy taking photos just on my smartphone.

When I pulled out my four year old Fujifilm x100s and took it out for it’s last hurrah, I really felt it’s ‘age’. Basically, it’s slow. I mean S-L-O-W. And we don’t like slow when it comes to digital devices/tech toys. It’s gotten to the point that it is not even worth selling it on eBay.

The moment I got my hands on the forth version of the x100 I was immediately in awe, this time I didn’t get the retro silver and black style. Instead got it in the (sexy AF) all black and didn’t regret it like I thought I might.
Oh and the F also stands for FAST! This beauty is responsive the moment you flick it on! Focusing doesn’t lag the way it does in the first and second models. (Although I did read that if you have a x100T – third version, there is no point upgrading to the F).

The only time really caring about having more megapixels is when you want to print your photos nice and large. So, when you go from 16 to 24 megapixels, it really is noticeable…and that is about as pixel peeping I will get. Now, must be time for a cuppa coffee!

Hope you enjoyed this sort of review and the first sample shots taken on this beautiful wee camera Fujifilm x100F. Perhaps it’ll help make up your mind in getting one if you’re currently looking (and no I have not been paid to say that, although it would be nice).

I will have a follow-up review on having had the camera for a week and even more photos to show!

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