Burnt House Exploration II

17th September, 2017

I haven’t really written about how love had found me in 2017. This was also a big part of the reason why I stopped sharing to much of my personal life online. For once in my life, I wanted to keep quiet something extremely special.

Even now I really don’t want to say how it all began. But I will say is, it was something I did not expect. Especially when you were both supposed to be just friends! Even, meeting each other in real life was actually a year in the making.

Long story short, we ended up going back to the abandoned burnt house we explored and did a fun behind the scenes photo shoot of him putting up some artwork. Artwork that he used me as his model and dubbed ‘Skull Girl.’
We even set up a shoot time-lapse video he edited:

There is something so right when two people are both visual creatives, a certain harmony develops and you’re both able to bounce ideas off of each other.

Not to mention the amazing support you give one another in order to let each other’s  projects flourish. 

Check out more of Kambeeno’s paste up art on his IG here: @kambeeno

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  1. So beautiful, Pamela. I sensed something really special was going on with you when your presence on IG became more reserved, but also softer. You’re right, some things are just for the people who experience them. You deserve this happiness. 💗

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