An Unexpected Surprise

While dropping off the roll that was put through the Ricoh YF-2ON, I spotted a film I’ve never heard of Kodak Colour Plus 200. I grabbed a  couple of rolls because it was noticeably cheap compared to the usual rolls of film I buy.
I found my Canon EOS 500 and decided to load it up with my first roll of Kodak Colour Plus, threw on a modern lens: 50mm STM Lens and away I went. Of course the first shots were around the house. And being a reliable camera I knew I wasn’t going to end up with too many wasted frames, well, I freaking hoped not. 
I tested it out on my way to work one morning, because I start mega early and so I’m able to get some low light shots in around the city. BUT! Rookie mistake…I didn’t ‘push’ the film (for example ISO 200 film is pushed to ISO 400). All I did was open my lens to its biggest aperture f/1.8, forgetting that it is only a low ISO/speed film ( it’s more for daylight shooting), but! At least did search out for reasonable sources of light.
I can’t really get too technical about this film and the internet doesn’t have Kodak say much about it. So, I’ll just base my opinion on the results of the photos I got. It does have very nice fine grain (most people have a love it or hate it when it comes to grain) and it does give a rather warm tone to the images. And seems ok when it comes to skin tone, although I don’t think a professional photographer will be reaching for this film.
Contrast is nice, colours vibrant and somewhat muted at the same time. It’s definitely my current favourite cheapie go to film.

Please enjoy the photos below!
(Apologies also on some blurry photos, due to the mirror slap in the Canon EOS 500 and not having the aperture open wide enough).


Thanks for viewing!
See you again on my next post! My Return To Polaroid.