My Return To Polaroid

I have holes in my jeans, tops that fade and shoes that get so worn in I’ve had strangers look at me in that weird up and down look. But I don’t care.

                                       My money goes into
my passions:
photography & writing.

I’d rather fill my life with experiences and photographs than wear designer clothes, shoes and handbags.
For a while (a long time actually) I debated whether to add a Polaroid camera back into my ever growing film camera collection. I’m the sort that will ensure my decisions are informative and have done thorough research. At first I had my heart set on a Polaroid SX-70, mainly because it can be folded down and be compact enough to slide into your bag. These ones do however come with a bigger price tag especially since film continues to rise and rise. They have an even more price tag when refurbished. Then there is, of course the risk you take when buying an old camera online (I usually go on eBay), especially when the seller has no idea if the item even works because they are usually untested.
                                     But in my experience
                                film cameras never seem
                                             to truly die.

 This time round I decided to go modern and ended up with Polaroid Originals rebooted version of the One Step, appropriately named One Step 2. Only slight downside is that it has to be charged up via a USB cable, the battery is built within the unit and this can pose as a problem if you run out of charge while out and about. However…that will only really happen if you’re snap happy and with the current price tag on the 8 exposures of film…you don’t want to be very snap happy. Each shot comes with a Cha-Ching sound…I’m sure over time Polaroid Originals (once known as Impossible Film) will become so widely used the price may drop…well, one can only hope and time will tell.

The camera is pretty straight forward with three main functions; open the front via a small lever, pop in i-Type film cartilage and away you go! These do come with a what is known as a ‘frog tongue’, a plastic sheet that covers the photo for the first (crucial) 30 seconds it pops out. Now, it is highly recommended to shoot with the flash on all the time, but you do have the option of turning it off. And you can make the photo more light or dark with a simple switch just beneath the viewfinder at the front. I tend to prefer my photos to be darker as in more contrast-y and leave it on the minus side.

 Somehow the testing ground or my first shots was done at a cemetery…Melbourne Cemetery the oldest in the city. It’s huge. It was also my first time walking through it on a gorgeous Autumn Sunday morning. Walking through cemeteries isn’t exactly a common ‘To-Do’ activity, but it did provide me some wonderful photos: