my first vlog & diana f+ mini unboxing

So…it’s been months since I have posted on here. I fell into one those dreaded creative lulls, as most of us do and I’m the type of person who is use to always doing something and when I’m idle for too long…I feel as though I am wasting this precious life. I also didn’t fully accept that we just cannot always be doing, doing, doing…I’ve also come to realise it is a learned behaviour, but we will talk about that another time and as you know you can only fight something for so long until you simply give up and…




GO already woman!

I decided to withdraw from social media a little and have began another pilgrimage of self. I realised I was holding onto new mindset I started practicing years ago! Mindsets that are now old and have become very “stuck in my ways” kind of living and this made me feel as though I lost my direction in life. I became unpassionate about my hobbies, I fell apart when I overanalysed myself and punished myself for not maximising my time here on earth.

Society dictates on how you should be living.
You’re told to dream the same dream as everyone.
And when your dreams aren’t accomplished, we are seen as a failure.

And everything is also very heavily based around on age. At certain ages we’re meant to reach certain milestones…I’m 38 and I’m still wondering what the heck am I supposed to be doing in this world.

Which is why I feel lost now and again.

We humans like to have a sense of purpose in life. But when you lose your sense of purpose…boy oh boy can one feel really depressed and it becomes such a hard effort to drag yourself out of bed each day.

Once I recongised what was happening, I started putting things into practice to help me (re)find my purpose (my true purpose), in which I will share with you all another time. I have gotten a little side tracked! 

I’m very excited in sharing with you all something I have never done before…


In all honesty I’ve been wanting to try vlogging for quite sometime, but of course when you’ve never done something before you make excuses and don’t end up trying! 

Until now. 

It wasn’t planned out in great detail and I had to make do with the technical equipment I have: tripod & camera. I know I need a microphone, but I’m still currently researching which one to get. The main reason why I hadn’t gotten into vlogging earlier is because I thought I needed a really fancy video editing software and I have never edited a video in my life! Actually, no lie, I have made time-laspse vidoes! But they were very basic.
I haven’t done anything what I have done in my this video. I cut out stuff, added titles AND even some music! At first I wasn’t going to bother posting it, but I got some encouragement from my boyfriend and well,


Plus, I’m pretty damn proud of the result, especially being my first vlog!

I hope you enjoyed the video! Below are some photos of the cute as Diana F+ Mini. I may do a camera review once I take it out for a spin and have seen the results of the photos. Thank you for stopping by! Hopefully see you all again hopefully soon, rather than later.

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