(Kind of But Not Really) Book Review: You Are A Badass…

You Are A Badass
How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness And Start Living An Awesome Life by Jen Sincero

Yes, quite a mouthful of a title! 
Two things:
One – I haven’t read an entire book in a very, very long time!
Two – Have never done a book review before.
Actually three things, the third thing being is that I haven’t read a self help/motivational book in years. Years. So what changed…?

Like clockwork, each year (for those who believe, usually around Mercury Retrogrades) old thought patterns will rear their ugly heads. This is when the internal battle begins. Existential Crisis. Fears and self doubt play over and over…Of course the more you repeat, the more they get deeply ingrained within you.  

We should all know by now that, the reality we want to live in is the one we create ourselves. Some have yet to grasp such a concept, but basically if we don’t take care of our insides, how are we going to have a beautiful and wonderful life on the outside. And so, I began my first long journey of self…right after when I experienced what true betrayal felt like.

Oh and how interesting, everytime I bring up my past my writing suddendly stops! I started writing this first thing in the moring before starting my shift at work.  It’s now noon. It would seem there really is no reason for me to ever bring up the past ANYMORE. End. Of. Story. But I needed to reference something from my past in order to give a bit of a background as to what set me onto the path of finding one self…SO let’s get back on topic shall we?

The biggest mistake I recognise NOW and continually crops up is when your new mindset(s) stop working.

You get so accustomed to your new way of thinking, time passes and before you know it your way of thinking has become: “set in your ways” and…hello, to feeling stuck. Life becomes lack lustre. You begin to requestion everything and wonder why the hell haven’t you done certain things yet, the things you SAID you were going to do MONTHS even YEARS ago!

It was time I leveled up. Leveled up my life again. However, in order to do that, I did have to go back to a few things I stopped doing: 

  • Meditate – REGULARLY
  • Read – At least two books a month
  • Journaling – DAILY morning AND night.
  • Being grateful – EVERY FREAKY DAY
  • Most of all…
  • Oh! And…
  • BELIEVE in myself! 

But I also needed to incorporate new things. Such as goal setting. Real. Proper. Goal setting. The ones you write down and track your progress with. Which is probably why I have been so scattered in my life. Everything I do has been at warp speed. Also, why we Gemini folk are dubbed the Jill (or Jack) of All Trades and A Master At None…however…writing is probably the ONE thing that sticks with me (I wanted to become like Carrie Bradshaw on Sex in The City once), writing has been something I’ve been doing the moment I was able to pick up a crayon. Photography came much later in my life, around about my teenage years. Since then, I have flit from one to the other. Sometimes side stepping along the way dabbling into baking/painting/watercolours/collage art/stenciling/calligraphy/etc. etc…

But life. Life has many distractions and unfortunately I am easily distracted.

Suddenly…we have everything and anything right at our finger tips. In an instant we can connect to anyone who is anywhere in the world at any given time of the day. There are no boarders on the big wide web and the plethora of social media platforms out there is enough to make your mind explode!
I wasn’t prepared to how much time I would start wasting away surfing the web and scrolling mindlessly through social media apps. I also wasn’t prepared in allowing myself to start doing the worst possible thing you can do to yourself:

COMPARING myself against others. 

For such a long time now, I have hidden behind excuses because, “Hey someone else has done my idea better than me.” To “No, it’s been done before, I can’t.” And “I’m not as good as them.”
As a result I hold myself back and let others take centre stage of the beautiful creations they put out into the world. While I quietly feel disappointed in myself and breaking a cycle of self hate…is not easy.

I needed to wake up. AGAIN.

Give myself a good kick in the butt and starting tackling my deeply ingrained fears I have been carrying around like a giant shape-shifting black scribble with a really mean face taunting me wherever I go. Screaming and yelling at me, “You’re shit!” “You’ll never be as good as them!” “You’re not pretty like her!” “You’re too comfortable where you are, STAY!” “You have no focus.” “You hate attention.” “You’re afraid of success!” “You’re a shit friend.” “You can’t leave your job.” And so on and so on…brutal ain’t it.

Enough is a enough. 

There is only so much you can take from your internal bully. 

It was time to put positivity back into my life. Usually when you emabark on changing your life, the Universe has a funny way of sending you things into your life to give you a bit of a nudge. Somehow, I came across a YouTuber: Lavendaire, she does movitation videos to help others find their way to a creative life most of us only dream about. Which then led me to…this book, finally going to mention about the book I have titled this blog post with!  

You Are A Badass
How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness And Start Living An Awesome Life by Jen Sincero

As you can see by the markers I have sticking out, this book is filled with lots of inspiration! But…it was the energy, yes E N E R G Y I felt from this book. Each chapter gave me a boost. A boost to start busting those deeply seeded fears and self doubt. I don’t plan on taking on the world (or maybe I can…), I’m still feeling my way as I work out on getting clear on why I want to change my life, where do I want to go and how will I get there. But the most important thing is, I’ve started and I’m beginning to appreciate each small step I take along the way. And, how could one not be so damn proud of that!?

You’re all welcome to come along with me on this pilgrimage and perhaps maybe I can help you in some way whenever you are feeling lost, confused and feeling really down about things. 

Or find this book! Read it with an open mind, forget what you have already read in other motivational books and… 

Love Yourself.

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