the death of the hydrangeas

I have never really been a plant person or someone who has a “green thumb”. 

I got a little influenced when I started to see pins called “Indoor Jungle”on Pinterest. Seeing photos of rooms crammed with pot plants of various shades of vibrant greens and numerous textures of different leaves.

I wanted to jump onto that trend.

So over the year, my boyfriends house began to get filled with pot plants and this gave me a new appreciation for plants and nature.

Eventually the plant obsession moved to outside.

A couple of months ago, I brought a hydrangea to put out into the garden. It was already quite established and was ready to be placed into the ground. What I had not done was look up on how to take care of Hydrangeas, apparently young hydrangeas require a lot of water, I mean A LOT. 

I did not factor in when we would get a really hot day, which is usually at random. And one day I came home to find my once beautiful, bright, vibrant pink flowers frizzed up. I was heartbroken.

The death of the hydrangeas dealt by the blazing sun and so, I turned them into scan art…

Do I know any green thumbs here?

Missed how to do Scan Art?
Well then, Let’s Scanography!