whimsical dreamy pink rose among the many roses at the Victoria state rose garden
Behind The Scenes

A Quick Hello

Where the heck have you been?
Who the heck are you?!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve blogged. What have I been doing these months?
Well, mostly figuring out my creative direction for 2019 and next thing I know I am launching my first Etsy Shop!

Yup, this was a BIG deal. Actually, a HUGE deal for me, but I will get into more detail later in a separate blog post.

being a dork at Werribee Mansion

Look, I love WordPress platform and it’s been a place I have always come back to time and time again for the past five years. Even after comparing the other two popular website/blogging platforms: Wix & Squarespace I got as far as starting to build a Wix website. And honestly, it was taking me too long to figure out where to ‘drag & drop’ things in places that would look remotely professional. Especially for someone who isn’t a web developer/graphic designer.

Which is why WordPress is my favourite.

It’s so easy to use and the plethora of themes available that are all very simple to set up and customise yourself is a
B R E E Z E!
I mean hello, have you check out my new look blog already!?
Yes, go on, get out of the ho-hum boring (no offence WordPress) Reader panel and take a look around here. Might even surprise you!

Victoria State Rose Garden

Reconstructing or rather revamping my blog, it only took me hours rather than days I was spending building a Wix website. And, I have to say I do love the Ashe theme (not a sponsored mention by the way), this theme allows me to create a  beautiful blogging space.
I am actually proud of it and encourages me to want to blog again on a regular basis.

One of the biggest difference this time is…

I will have my own Online Shop here. Etsy is my learning ground for me selling beautiful floral and styled photos, but I wanted a place for my own self. A place where my customers can also come and get to know me through my blogs and help give ideas on how to use my (I hope rather) unique styled photos for you’re own use.
I also hope I will get to know all the gorgeous people who purchase my photos!

I would love my blog become a place for you where I can help or inspire in some way.
And please, feel free to say hello/introduce yourself in the comments section below!

Victoria State Rose Garden

Hope to see you again soon.

Sidenote: It is Mercury Retrograde, please excuse my grammar and re-edits.

Hello! & Welcome to my quiet and wonderful corner of the internet.

© 2019 Ms Jemini
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