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04th January, 2019

Ah, when accidents turn into meant to be. I actually began to write this as my “future” self. This was something I would do when I am writing in my morning journal.
When I began writing this, I was in the quiet stages of setting up an online business.

You have heard the term, something along the lines of:

“Do things today so your future self can thank you.”

And a lot of the times they also ask you to do visualisation work on seeing your future self. At first, this was actually really hard for me to do. It was difficult for me to feel my future emotions.

Emotions is what sparks manifesting things into your life.

But I realised I have my own way.


interior decor magazines to fine inspiration and learn on trend colour schemes

Write myself into the future because this is the one thing I know how and writing has always been a huge part of my life, writing has always be cathartic for me and if I so much go a day or two without journaling I feel the negative effects. I become unbalanced and rather snappy.

The idea of writing as my future self only actually came to me when I began to write this, in my dull office job…

It’s a Friday and so, I am far to distracted with the many things I needed to get done to get my online store open.
Projects needing to get done, setting up my new Softbox light in order for me to shoot indoors with the illusion of “natural” light within the photos I made (which by the way, I’ve stopped using. Natural light is the best kind of light!). I had lots more researching to do. Lots of photos to take, edit and start writing up item list descriptions. My mind was not here. Glancing at the time became a personal self torture. Even my anxiety would kick in on eagerly wanting to leave!

goal setting for 2019 journal and dried rose

Nothing like having a purpose to really inject motivation and new inspiration back into your passions in life. There is a new kind of high I get now whenever I am styling a new photo or flat lay to list onto my Etsy Shop. I feel excited knowing that I am putting my work out there for someone out there searching for that (hopefully) perfect photo to add to their website or blog or social media.

And I am truly grateful each time I see something sold. Wow! (Believe me, I want to cry with joy each time I see a Etsy notification pops up). 

I did it. I have started something that even my futures future self is thanking this future self!

But this wasn’t easy. It wasn’t a walk in the park. There was a lot of planning involved, lots of researching, late nights and decision making – something I am not very good at!

I also did not know how difficult it would be actually START something… 
I have only ever watched others around me and on social media all start to do really amazing things with their lives….

macrons and roses minimal style flat lay photo by Ms Jemini

But Ms Jemini, why didn’t you start this years ago!?

I hear you ask…


It takes courage to begin something.

Courage has been one of the biggest things I have resisted against all my life.

Are you being courageous in 2019?

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