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Once upon a time, in a far away land in a small village there lived a girl. She was also whispered about whenever she walked the streets, some said she was a witch. She came into the world just as her mother took her last breath. Her father too heartbroken from the loss of his love abandoned the small baby, leaving her on the steps of a convent.

It was said that when the baby arrived, strange things began to happen around the place. Objects would fly seemingly out of not where. The nuns who took care of the children were said to sometimes find the little baby in odd places such as on the kitchen bench, in the laundry or even on top of a book shelf. It would always give them an awful fright!
The nuns couldn’t take much more of her mischievousness. And just like magic a couple appeared out of no where one day and when the nuns bought in the little girl, they fell in love with her instantly! Without hesitation the nuns gladly let the child go and waved the new family off into the distance.

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For you see, this was no ordinary man and woman. Oh no. For they too are of magical folk…
The woman was one of the most beautiful you would have ever laid you eyes on.
Hair of raven black. Eyes green as emeralds and skin of see thought porcelain. And her husband was just as beautiful. His hair glowed of yellow blond, his eyes deep blue like sapphires and his skin a smooth light brown.
Together they both possessed powers well beyond their years and have kept quiet for centuries.

One stormy night…

the woman had a premonition of a child being brought into this world alone and would grow up to become one of the most powerful witch in all of the lands! She awoke that morning to tell her husband about the premonition and they set off at once to search for the child.

For many days and many nights, they travel far and wide until finally arriving to the small village. As they entered, a hush fell upon the villagers as these two figure moved fluidly into the town. Some looked with awe and some looked with envy at the mere sight of the beautiful looking pair.
It was as though the whole town fell under their spell…

Once with the child, they did not stay much longer and travelled back to their hidden far away home. It would be there that the child would be mentored by the two powerful beings and grew up to be just as beautiful as they. With long chestnut hair, big hazel eyes and freckles lightly sprinkled over her nose, Astra indeed grew up to become the most powerful witch in all the lands.

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Astra became obsessed with all things gold and by the time she was of age, she left her parents and set off to live alone in the woods. There she became a healer in secret for those who snuck off in the middle of the night from villagers nearby. It was a dangerous time for witches were being burned at the stake!

During the day she practiced with all her might turning things into gold. It consumed her. Consumed her so much, that she began to turn away people who seek her out. And then one day she figured out the spell!
Soon she was turning everything around her into gold! But it came at a price…

She got so carried away she did no notice her skin was beginning to change. Moving all around and her body, her skin began to harden and change colour. By the time she realised what was going on she turned into gold!

Her mother received a vision that something horrible had gone wrong and set off with her husband to find their daughter…and what a sight they saw inside their daughters home. Everything turned to gold and there in the middle of it all was a statue of the once most powerful witch in the world.

Grief stricken, the parents cast a protection spell over the house and covered it with ivy and thorns. And there, Astra remains…hidden deep in a forest in a far, far away land.

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