peach coloured roses at the Victoria state rose garden

A Walk Among The Roses

I hate summer. I can’t stand the heat! Heat makes me grumpy and not to mention uncomfortable when you’re sweating in places you didn’t know existed!

Summer can really restrict you in a lot of ways. The heat makes you not want to do anything, but sit in front of a cooler and. NOT. MOVE.
It also annoys me. I would rather be out and about exploring…not be trapped indoors! And trust me a bored Gemini is not a pretty sight! Boredom kills us.

Which is why Autumn is always such a welcome relief!

The first weekend that was nice and cool we were off on an adventure!
This time we headed to Werribee to take a look at The Mansion, which is about a 35min drive out of Melbourne city (but also depends where you’re driving from).

But before entering the Mansion, we decided to have a beautiful morning walk amoung the roses at the Victoria State Rose Garden.

entering the garden at the Victoria state rose garden
morning walk in the Victoria state rose garden

A brief history:

This garden began in December 1976 and over the years it was worked on by a few dedicated workers and the garden was officially opened on the 9th of November 1986. However, after it was opened there were changes in the State Government which meant money ran out and the Rose Garden came very close to being terminated.

more candy striped roses at the Victoria sate rose garden
Candy Stripe Roses

Luckily after many hundreds of signatures received in a petition to show support to complete the garden, it had to be shown that there would be sufficient volunteers to carry out the work on building/creating the garden.
In June 1993 The Victorian State Rose Garden Supporters Werribee Park Inc. (quite the mouthful) was registered. They worked closely with the current Tourism Precinct, Parks Victoria and the staff of The Mansion at Werribee Park to create a wonderful garden that is enjoyed by many.

amazing candy striped rose can be found in the Victoria state rose garden
closed candy striped roses at the Victoria state rose garden

There are over 5000 roses to admire there! I think these ‘Candy Stripe’ roses pictured above were one of my favourites.

It was the prefect morning, cool crisp air and morning dew to wet your feet…because you wore inappropriate shoes…

trying to be graceful in the Victoria state rose garden

We arrived when hardly anyone was there (which we like) and I happily shoved my camera into as many roses as I could, followed by my nose to smell there sweet scent.

I highly recommend the Victoria State Rose Garden is added on your places to visit if you’re ever here in Melbourne, Australia.
Entrance is free! Donations welcomed in order to help maintain the garden.

It really is an enjoyable garden to stroll around while waiting for The Mansion to open its doors and be amused by the names like:
Bold Seduction, Hot Cocoa, Maggie, Playboy and Crimson Glory to name a few.
I was too busy admiring natures works of arts and didn’t note down all the names of the roses I took photos of, its a bad habit I need to break. Oh well, next time hey!
Hope you enjoy the slide show:

I forgot to mention! When seen from above, the garden is in the shape of a rose! How cool is that!?

More About Victoria State Rose Garden:

The Mansion at Werribee Park blog post coming soon.

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