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A Step Back in Time

10th March, 2019

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be living in a different era? I’ve always have had a curiosity in living in the Victorian times. Of course, I would want to be someone with status in order to be able to have less than dreadful life. To have servants at my beck and call. Servants that fill up my bathtub with hot water lugged one by one in pails and having them dress me in frightfully tight corsets that ran the risk of either my ribs cracking or end up collapsing onto the floor due to lack of oxygen…now I actually don’t know if that happened, but my imagination assumes so.

I would want to be able to wake up in the morning, ring my bell and hear footsteps running into the room with a tray full of food for me to have breakfast in bed. While they fluffed and fussed about my room, taking the chamber pot away and getting my clothes and wig ready for the day to attend high tea or a walk around the gardens.

Night time would be my favourite time. I would entertain those who were a somebody in the town. Sharing accolades of the fun adventures on sea…if you can call getting sea sick fun. While the men smoked their pipes and cigars in the smoking room to disgust mainly about business and the women gossiped about the town hussy in another room. Servants would be running around ensuring cups of wine was filled and the food never ran out.

I would be a woman of leisure. In that life time, have four kids running around being little spoilt brats taken cared of mainly by the nanny while I went out and rubbed shoulders with those in high society.


Life back then could also of been terrible. Living on a small income to make ends meet. Trying to feed the family in a small house that barely kept you warm on those horrific winter nights. Wearing thread bare clothes and be constantly sick with a cough and at times you will see blood splatters in your handkerchief…

The Mansion at Werribee Park frozen in time

Frozen the 1800’s. To be precise up to 1887. The history is pretty tragic, involving two brothers from Scotland: Thomas Chirnside and Andrew Chirnside. Without getting to into too much detail, Thomas was in love with his first cousin and flew back to Scotland to ask for her hand in marriage. Only to be declined by her parents.

Of course love being something that can consume us, Thomas asked his bother if he could go over and do whatever means possible to bring back, Mary. Whatever means possible…
Andrew ended up marrying Mary. Brings her back and all three end up living, in what I could imagine a very awkward situation. Can you imagine being under the same roof as your own brother and the love of your life!?

Life goes on, Andrew and Mary have children; two sons. Thomas falls into depression and committed suicide in 1887. Andrew then takes over the running of Werribee and all of the holdings with his sons right up until heart disease took his life in 1890.
More tragic strikes, the two sons end up feuding over Werribee and their mother Mary ended up in a freak accident one night going to bed her hair caught fire that was on her bedside!

Remind me to never have a candle on my bedside…

For a time the Mansion at Werribee did become a place Catholic seminary from for 50 years.
In 1973 the Victorian Government squared the Mansion and began to restore it back into its former glory that we get to walk around and experience to this day:

There was one room where I felt a little strange in…I won’t say which one, you’ll have have to and find out for yourself.


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