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Preparing To (Finally) Sell Your Art

16th April, 2019 

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Hello new rabbit hole!

I fell into countless hours reading up on printers and watching YouTube videos of various reviews, how to’s and what not to do.
I was all set on getting an Epson! Mainly, because Epson printers seems to be the most commonly used by professionals. I had my eye on a SureColour (P405).
Until…I learned that the ink cartridges over time, will end up costing more than the printer! Especially, if the printer isn’t being used all the time.


Next rabbit hole! Canon printers. Repeat all that was done above, until finally, F-I-N-A-L-L-Y settling on a….drum roll….

A Canon PIXMA Pro 10S

  •  10 ink LUCIA (made exclusively for Canon) pigment system for “striking black and white photos to stunning colour”
  • Uses various types of paper and sizes
  • Advances software
  • Wifi connectivity
  • And this article also really helped: How to Print Professional-Looking Photos at Home
a Canon PIXMA Pro 10S is able to to print up to A3+

Final thing I needed to do: make room. Declutter! And of course get some money to buy the printer.

All of the photography accessories and cameras I wasn’t using and didn’t see myself ever using again needed to go!
Thankfully I had a new camera to motivate me in taking photos of each item and list them all onto eBay!
Next thing I know, my items are flying out the door! I was at the post office practically everyday!
If I didn’t have a goal, I would have gotten so tried of all the sticky tape, bubble wrap and carrying all the items I sold.

I end up being so grateful though! I was surprised how almost everything sold so quickly.

declutter and sell items you can on eBay!

But I have a confession to make. I am a little ahead of time with my online business goal. I wasn’t going to start printing until later in the year, more towards the END of the year. Mainly because, I wanted people to get to know me first on Etsy and build up my community on my business Instagram account.
However, sometimes things don’t always run according to plan.

Plus, I needed to start doing something different with my photos. Besides, you cannot do the same things over and over again thinking you’re going to get the same results!
The choice to do something with my photography didn’t come easy of course.

I had to work on changing my mindset.

loving support from the wisdom of nature

I hid behind excuses:

It’s already being done.
The photography world is over saturated as it is.
People only look at photos on their screens.
THE same old bullshit stories we like to keep telling ourselves.

The worst of course was when I looked at other peoples work and compared it to mine. And we all know comparing causes us to feel despair.
Not to mention the things you start doing to avoid starting something new…Such as going down to the shops and buying snack food because you have a week off from your normal job. And then when you get home you talk yourself into having a nap, but of course as soon as you lay down you are straight back up! There is just SO MUCH to do!

Once unboxed and sitting its new place. I spent the next two hours trying to connect it to its Wifi connection. Only to discover I hadn’t been using my password for quite sometime and it asked me to enter a password to install the printers software I almost lost my sh*t…

And in devine timing.

My phone started ringing. A welcomed distraction before losing my mind!

After my computer finished re-installing itself, I finally managed to get back into ‘recovery mode’ (thanks goggle of course) and was able to remove the old password from the backend and enter in a new one. A new one I wrote down to make sure I will not lose it or forget it again! All these damn passwords and the fact that a lot of the time we don’t even enter our passwords anymore! All thanks to just having our face or finger print scanned. Back to the printer!

The next day, I head out to grab a USB cord. Of course I also left the store with rigid envelopes in preparation when I start selling and sending off my art photos!

How exciting AND nerve wracking. For once I am doing something people have been asking me: “Why aren’t you selling your photos?” for many, many years now.

Over the last month I had been quietly setting it all up. Created a Certificate of Authenticity, had thank you postcards and stickers made up and brought three sample packs of Fine Art paper:

Fine Art Inject Paper digital collection sample pack
Inject Fine Art & Photo discovery pack
professional inject photo range

I did my first run test prints and was shocked at first then AMAZED:

Seeing your photos materialise onto paper is pretty damn cool.

Now…the hardest task will be deciding on which paper to use!

Let me know in the comments below the moment you decided to finally get your art, work or business out there. 

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