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The Infuriating Instagram Puzzle

But Not Really!

19th April, 2019

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What is an Instagram Puzzle?

Basically it is a big photo collage broken up into individual posts.

My first practice attempt:

What is an Instagram Puzzle? Basically it is a big photo collage broken up into individual posts

Why has it become so trendy?

Well, there is always someone out there who will go, you know what, I am going to try something different. Then suddenly it catches on and everyone wants to do it. Okay, okay yeah that was a silly answer!

Or how about why am I wanting to jump onto this bandwagon?

Two words: Branding & Challenge.

Being still new in running an online business, I am also discovering my ‘brand voice’ and as an introvert I can find it pretty hard to be that outgoing personality in front of people I have just met or who’ve started to follow me. In real life it takes me a very long time to warm up to people…so, expect the same in the online world.

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When you’re someone who has a very changeable personality, my online “voice” has changed over the years and it’s been lost a few times. And so finding my voice as a brand is a new challenge for me. But it’s exciting.

Plus an Instagram Puzzle looks freaking cool! And it’s a nice change up!
We all know that Instagram is becoming one of the top places people go to when checking out a small business online.

Your Instagram as a landing page for potential customers/clients is becoming vital.

don't under estimate the power of self belief

I spent weeks, weeksssss….I tell ya! Trying to figure how to create an instagram puzzle. Yes, I got a little obsessed and went on a Pinning frenzy on my Pinterest of all the examples of Instagram puzzles out there and examined each one. Then it occurred to me, I was struggling because I didn’t have a colour scheme in mind.


Another quick sneaky logo change later and…voila. I’m back to black, white and pink. I tried so hard to stay away from pink. But it seems to be the it colour. It’s not the colour red anymore that dominates as being a “power colour”. The modern female entrepreneur seem to be embracing pink, blush, rose gold and sparkles instead. Which I’m totally fine with. I love pink! Yay for pink! Says the woman wearing a yellow dress…

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 I read blogs. I watched youtube tutorials. I drove myself mad. And know what, I caved. I headed over to Creative Market (Etsy doesn’t have a lot of Instagram Puzzles at the moment) and the timing couldn’t even be weirder because I found the perfect theme straight away.

Goodness, did it make my life a whole lot easier as well as supported another person with their online business.
Of course I lost myself for hours on end in that portal and next thing I know…

good things take time hand-written quote

my puzzle is completed. It’s glorious. And I am so happy with the way it looks. The only problem I came across was not being able to figure how to export the individual tiles (I re-read the instructions many times over – I’ll get it eventually).
In the end I ended up just cropping it into sections and used a website called image splitter to cut up the puzzle.

The final step was.


We hear it all the time, there aren’t enough hours in the day and all I want to do is pour all my energy into creating my online photography business. But I also know what burn out feels like when you DO and it’s not pretty. Scheduling my posts will help free up so much time to concentrate creating photos and content for my blog.

Even this blog was scheduled to post at the same time as my Instagram post! There are just so many tools out there now that allows us to do all of this. WordPress allows you to schedule posts and for my Instagram post I am using: Planoly. For someone who doesn’t really know how to schedule very well, can’t get enough of it right now!

trust the timing of your life quote

If you’re not already and are curious to see the Instagram Puzzle, feel free to follow me @msjeminiphotos and see it be revealed over time or come say hello ❤️

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