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I Did Something Different & New – Went to A Book Launch!

9th May, 2019

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Today, I did something different. I went to a book launch of a money mentor couch I only recently discovered. She is a multimillionaire and helps other women to become money independent.

Her name is Denise Duffield-Thomas.

She is truly inspiring!

Lately, I have been working on removing all of my money blocks and programming my mind for success.
Which hasn’t been easy. Especially, when all I have ever done in my life is build up so many blocks around success and ESPECIALLY money.

As I’m walking to the venue

 in a rush, I break out into a coughing fit. A piece of croissant gets lodged in my throat and I try not to cough up my insides.

“This is what a wealthy woman looks like.”

The words chime into my head and I can’t help start laughing to myself and smile with amusement as I regain my composure. It’s one of the lines Denise DT had said in one of her YouTube videos I watched the other day.

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Flaky crumbs flying all around me, some landing on the ends of my hair as I continue to walk up Swanston Street. By this point I am pretty damn nervous. I can’t remember the last time I have been somewhere to be in a room full of strangers. Actually, this was my first time being in a room full of only women! The first time being around other female entrepreneurs! AND the first time seeing a mentor/ author/multimillionaire in real life.

I didn’t care I was by myself. But I did feel a tiny bit lonely when I saw groups of females in their circle of friends all talking and laughing…
This is my (new) path and I’m pretty use to going on my own ever since I decided to not do what everyone else is doing.

I finally arrive to the venue and wait among the others in the foyer.

The door opens and we’re greeted by a tall woman, I feel her confidence and friendliness radiate off her as she says for us to grab a complimentary book! Oh wow. I pick up my own copy of ‘Chillpreneur’ after only had finished listening to the audio book that morning. I was surprised, because I was under the impression that the books would be there to buy, not be given!

A line is forming in front of a table by the left of the small stage in the theatre. I head over to join the queue. By this point I am so nervous. I make the decision in getting her to sign my book to ‘Ms Jemini.’
As I get closer and closer, there is a gap and our eyes meet and she shoots a smile. Wow, not only is she a millionaire, but she is so damn friendly!

I watch as others before me have their book signed and get a photo taken. I pull out my phone and a woman behind me speaks, “Would you like me to take a photo?”
“Yes please and I’ll do the same for you.” I answer.

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Finally I reach her. Oh my goodness. Her energy is beautiful. I’m immediately awkward.
“Hello, nice to meet you.” I smile nervously as I hand her my book.
“Hi.” she says back.
“It’s so good to be here.” I quickly say, she must of sensed my nervousness and ends the small talk with;
“Who do I make this out to?” She asks.
“Pamela.” I blurt out. Damn it. Too late, I see her smooth cursive writing write away.
And one awkward photo later and after waiting for the next woman behind me to take hers, I headed off and sat down

Once you open yourself up, the Universe will send the right teacher(s) to you as you begin to go down a new path.

I write the words down that swim through my mind into my notebook while I wait for the rest of the women have their book signed and a photo taken.

How did this woman suddenly come into my life? I have FEA (Female Entrepreneurs Association) facebook group to thank. The book ‘Chillpreneur’ was mentioned after getting a raving recommendation to read it.

I looked up who Denise Duffield-Thomas is and then led me to getting her Audiobook. It wasn’t until a couple weeks later after liking her facebook page I saw she was doing a book tour. She will be in Melbourne…the following day. At first I hesitated. The launch was during my work hours…

“You're always one decision away from a totally different life…”

I look up from my cubicle to see if my manager is at her desk. She isn’t so I shoot her an email and asked if I could take a late minute three hours “emergency” annual leave. Of course being a great boss she approves it and I order my ticket to the book launch.

And there I was.

Sitting in a small theatre, my signed book on my lap, a small notebook and my pen ready as I listen intently to her words of wisdom and laugh! Denise DT has a wicked sense of humour and isn’t afraid of being honest. No wonder she resonated to me. She also had her bestie up there on stage as a chairman and she was just as funny and full of inspiring words. It was so lovely to listen about their friendship and it made me miss mine.

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Actually, it also made me miss having a group of female friends who are on a similar path as mine. It gets harder making friends as you get older. Mainly because I cannot be bothered with bullshit drama or have friends who are toxic people.

I’m an introvert (INFJ), so I’m use to being by myself.
But I can take comfort in knowing I do know some pretty amazing females Online who I have gotten to know over many years and have watched their lives transform through the magical social media.

Oh, the other reason why Denise DT resonated with me is, she came from a call centre job!! My ears perked up when I heard this, because hello, I’ve been working in a call centre for the majority of my life now….

There is hope after all.

After the launch was finished I walked away feeling a new sense of awakening. I felt…empowered. Fired up! All I wanted to do was get home and start working on my business right away. BUT in a much more smarter way. I am grateful for the things I had learned in those two hours and am looking forward to applying new ways of creating more wealth, success and help others realise, hey, they too deserve living a wildly rich life.

First though, I am working on Me. I still have a lot of self improvement to do on some very deeply rooted money blocks and boy, it’s tough. From watching my thoughts to watching what I say about money.
We’ve grown up in society where money has been warped so badly that even entire countries have money blocks.

We’ve been conditioned by our parents who (by the way wasn’t their fault) were conditioned by their parents and their parents parents. We’re all responsible for creating a warped view surrounding money and because of that, yes, of course money gets used really awful ways. More about money blocks in another blog post.

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After the nervousness and excitment had worn off after launching my Etsy shop I actually began to think that it was a huge mistake and I had no clue to what to do next. I felt flat. I didn’t want to pick up a camera, I didn’t want to blog. All the enthusiasm I felt had suddenly vanish.


Queue Netflix binging and shoving as many chocolate in my gob and let the old me start slipping back in…

But that was sooooo….TWENTY EIGHTEEN!!

There was no way I was going to repeat another year like last.
I join FEA and ever since then have started to learn to network, give support when I can to others and be supported back. Without FEA, I wouldn’t of come across Denise DT or her book and I know I will be coming across other amazing female entrepreneurs!

‘Chillpreneur’ is: The New Rules for Creating Success, Freedom, and Abundance on Your Terms.

Being still quite new to the entrepreneurial world, I still have a lot to learn while I try to build my business. Denises approach attracted me, because I’m quite like her, prefers the much more chilled approach to do things. Has a knack for finding short cuts to problems and has been the ‘go to’ girl.
Oh, she’s also a Virgo and I have a lot of Virgo in my Astrology Birth Chart.

The book is to help you discover finding a business model that is suited and works perfectly for your personality. Full of concepts – such as the ‘Golden Goose’ and the ‘Keyless Life’ to help you…WORK LESS and EARN MORE. Yes, that’s right apparently you can work less and still be able to earn more. Most of all, by not feeling like a sleazy car salesman!

It is full of other essentials for someone such as me starting out into the entrepreneurial world to help me to not stress so damn freaking much. And even the most seasoned entrepreneurs will find a new perspective on how to run their business.

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Denise DT is teaching other women to be successful and to have financial freedom. Know why? Because it’s time to shift, really shift money away from those who use it for shitty things we don’t like to think about.
It’s time we change the way we all view money and the way we all work.

“Women with money do good things.” - Denise DT

And I want to be part of the rising female entrepreneurs making amazing changes in this world.

I can.
I will.

Watch me.

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