the blue room by rone photo by ms jemini

Rone Empire – Art Experienced Like Never Before

18th March, 2019

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On the outside it is nothing, but a dilapidated building. Fading paint and black mould covering in places. Curved windows and corners seals the building in a time and place of 1930s Art-Deco.
We arrived to the Dandenong Ranges to explore a mansion that has lain dormant for two decades.

an Art Deco mansion lain dormant for over two decades.

It was given to Rone (Tyrone Wright), a Melbourne Street Artist known to put his works of art in places that are about to be demolished or in secret abandoned places for the urban explorer to find the beautiful, haunting faces of women adorning decaying walls.

look up. Waiting outside until the place opened.

Rone was approached by celebrity chef Shannon Bennet and gave Rone free riegn to transform the the building into an immersive experience that is sure to leave an impression on you for a very long time.
Rone collaborated with interior stylist Carly Spooner, music composure Nick Batterham, a perfumer Kat Snowden and Loose Leaf created the floral arrangements to transform each of the 12 rooms into dreamlike compositions of a past long gone…

For a year Rone worked in secret transforming walls with large scale portraits of actress Lily Sullivan.

Every detail in each room was meticulous and told a different story only the observer can create in their own imagination.
I wasn’t prepared upon entering each room.
Too many times my breath was caught at the sheer beauty of her face among the scattered leaves and rotting floors.
While thick dust settled on objects echoing memories of the past…

the party is over. Rone Empire art installation.

What happened at the dinner party? What secrets were told in the sunroom? How many songs were played in the music room…did someone drown in the study when the flood arrived?

a flooded study at Rone empire. Photo by Ms Jemini.

The morning sun began

to stream through the big floor to ceiling windows in the dining room, casting light on piled up plates and crockery, empty glasses of champagne and oyster shells place the memories of the night into the shadows.

We were given only an hour to explore. An hour I wished lasted all day instead. Now let me go quiet so you can…

enjoy the slide show:

It was definitely art experienced like never before and will be one to remember for a very long time.

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