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Confessions of A Perfectionist – Over Complicating Things

26th, May 2019

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Warning: Contains some bad 

My printer went quiet. Its big presence reminded me of how much I am not ready to be printing my own photos after I had done a few tests. Errors keep occurring about how the margins are not set correctly frustrated the crap out of me.

roses in sunlight by Ms Jemini

Beat myself up for biting off more than I can chew in wanting to print my own photos, rather than outsourcing it to a local lab. But I want to have full control of how my images come out and so far most of my testing has been surprisingly spot on from screen to print. Or was it because I was drawing knowledge from printing I learned years ago at photography studies school.

Once I started to research what is out there and how to list my photos, that’s when things got even more frustrating.
I’m not great when it comes to numbers and so when people are listing the dimensions of the print, it began to do my head.

8×10” 11×14” 12×16” 12×18” 13×19”
20x30cm 30x40cm 30x45cm A4 (210x297mm) A3 (297x420mm)

I fell into a rabbit hole with a gazillion tabs open on the computer looking at all the various paper sizes and the price each size was given. Then when I tried applying these sizes to my printing…shit broke loose and an annoying paper size error kept popping up.

I wanted to rip my hair one evening when I saw an error pop up. I almost let out a scream.

Fuck this.

So, I left it.

Printing my own Photography Art goal was placed on pause. Actually, everything went on pause. I let external forces affect me a little and naturally the easiest thing to do is want to give up C O M P L E T E L Y.

And this is why a lot of small businesses fail in the early days. There was no way I was going to allow myself to be someone who gave up…YET again.
There was no way I was going to repeat an old, stubborn habit of mine that I have been working so hard to change this year. I ESPECIALLY wasn’t going to give anyone the satisfaction of secretly waiting me to fail (they’ll never admit to your face of course).

you are completely work it quote. photo by ms Jemini

It’s been hard work letting go of perfectionism. Admitting you actually are a perfectionist took a lot of effort in itself to face. Too many times I have set the bar too high for myself which is why I have ended up not taking too many risks with my life. Once I acknowledged why I kept moving my printing art goal, it was because I was
o v e r c o m p l i c a t i n g everything. I was getting fixated on needing to be the same as everyone else, to be similar in the way they listed their prints on Etsy. 

Honestly, when was the last time you went; "Hmmm...I'm going to buy an eight by ten photo print today."

I sure haven’t brought pieces of art based of the exact size they come in. Yes, yes, I know there are those who do like to know sizes, but the majority of us either chose: A4, A3 or A2.  Small, medium and large.

I’ve decided that, it is okay to not have to list every. Single. Dimension. It’s okay to simplify things.
Which is why I started to get excited again in launching my photography art prints very soon!

Seeing my ‘Painted Flowers’ put into a frame the other day really made achieving that goal that much easier.

golden green hellebores, mixed media photography art by Ms Jemini.
golden rose, mixed media photography art by Ms Jemini

I am looking forward to putting out art into the world for people to hang on their walls wherever they are in the world.

Because as the saying goes, the world without art is just…eh.

To celebrate I will be doing a Give Away on my Instagram account, so be sure to head on over it you’re not already following: @msjeminiphotos to be in the loop!

golden green hellebores, mixed media photography art by Ms Jemini

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