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When Things Become Uninspiring

9th June, 2019

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I haven’t taken any new photos in a while. As a creative, we all know what it’s like to fall into a phase where you’re just not feeling it. At first we feel so guilty about it, because we’re given an impression to be always needing to be creating something.

All too often we want to be in THE zone of making, so we have something to share and give out to the world. And when you’re a creative (entrepreneur), it’s all too easy to be so hard on ourselves when we fall into a quiet period.

Not making any sales for long periods of time, can make you feel as though you’re not good enough. You’re examining your stats daily to see where it might be you’re going wrong. Then we let in the dreaded self doubt come and queue feeling inadequate. I’ll admit when I fall into these sort of moments I look at what other people are putting out.

“Examine” their work and…yup. I compare.

Huge no-no.

But we are all guilty of this and it’s hard sometimes to not compare ourselves. We want to be as wildly successful as the next person. But remember.

You are YOU.

Not everyone is the same.
You didn’t start at the exact same time as they did.
They didn’t launch when you launched.
You’re only still learning new things you’ve never done before, and that in itself is a massive achievement.
This is a gentle reminder, to…simply…


'pause' a self portrait of ms jemini

There is something about Winter...

 I am over here on the Southern Hemisphere and usually it’s a time where I can become really lazy. I would rather curl up under a blanket and binge watch t.v. shows and drift away in my head.
Naturally, I have been finding it a little hard to find motivation in taking new photos. I figured, hey I already have plenty in my Etsy Shop, I can step back a little.

However, I don’t like.

I am someone who prefers to be busy. All. The. Time.
Since I have started running a business, I feel as though it is not good when I stop creating. But…I have been getting in the way of myself. It’s really hard for me to not “research” what is out there and it’s doubly hard trying not to feel as though my work is not good enough.

THIS is not a pity post by the way. More like a reminder to self and to those feeling like things don’t seem to be moving as fast as they want them to be.

So what to do when feeling uninspired?

If you’re running a small business

– focus on the marketing side of things. I know, boring right!? Creatives cannot stand marketing, we often think it’s weird being all “salesmen-y”. But did you know, you can do it in a non-sleazy salesman way!

See, I have two instagram accounts (who doesn’t these days) one is for my everyday posting and the other is for my business only.
However, for a short while I started forgetting why I actually have a business account and was posting things on there that I would usually post on my normal account.
I came to realise this the other day.

I then curved out some time to rearrange my current instagram puzzle and swapped out the planned ahead posts and placed the styled stock photos I have in my Etsy shop and turning them into marketing posts instead. Not making them sound like boring ads. But rather incorporating either fun facts about a colour I used or for motivational posts.

Plus I don’t want to come across as too pushy.

I use to find it so hard putting myself out there, so now is a good opportunity to do it now while I am not taking any new photos at the moment.

Try Something Different

– too often we end up being so tunnel visioned with our projects. We shoot and shoot photos or draw and draw, write and write, paint and paint, we forget to take a break. Our eyes gets used to seeing what we’re putting out and suddenly…you’re bored. Your hand hurts from writing stuff you suddenly don’t want to share to the world. You scribble over a drawing because it didn’t turnout or you throw paint over a canvas because the colour of the paint didn’t mix properly.

So frustrating! All that work we’ve spent hours on, we’re so unhappy with…

The other week I decided to take a Masterclass on FEA (Female Entrepreneurs Association) and learnt how to make ‘Printables’ in Apple Pages.
I ended up learning two new things:
1) How to use Apple Pages
2) How to make Printables

And so now, at the moment while I go through this weird wee lull, I’m happily making printables for free for anyone who would like them. I am a huge fan of printables now. Well, I do have a a printer now after all and so why not put it to good use.
I’m sure I will get better over time, but they are definitely a fun small side project to keep my creativity going.

That’s it.


Never forget: Inspiration IS all around you and never forget you are wonderful in every way. It’ll pass.

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