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Hey, July! & Your Free Printable Planner

19th July, 2019

It’s been quite the first 6 months! I launched by brand and opened up my Etsy Shop and have since been learning so much.
I joined a wonderful network of like minded entrepreneurial women called FEA (Female Entrepreneur Association) and gaining more knowledge as time progresses.

In the beginning I found myself constantly wanting to work on my business. It was so exciting and all so new to me, that I finally had something to be busy with my life. If you read my blog or Instagram posts regularly you would see I have been transparent right from the beginning.

clipboard styled flat lay by ms jemini

It’s been messy, it’s been challenging and it’s been such a eye opener of what one can be capable of when goals are actually achieved. Many times I wanted to give up, when some things are difficult to grasp, we tend to stress out about and you overanalyse which turns into overthinking and then we know what happens after that…

Horrible inner bully comes out.

Too many times I found myself in tears and when I became overwhelmed. It was all because I hadn’t allowed myself space. Each goal I achieved I didn’t celebrate them properly, but instead I quickly jumped onto the next one and then your next one and for the first time in a long time I experienced


My mind went numb from information. My creativity suffered.
I began to think I made a big mistake. I practically had to force myself to STOP. And as I have mentioned many times, slow. Down.

Not only do you have to work on your business, but you also have to work on yourself and constantly. Creating new habit and sticking to them. Programming you mind up for success is also one of the biggest thing I have had to learn to do. When you have been fighting against something for the majority of your life, it compounds and it is going to take a lot of work to remove those deeply ingrained old ways of thinking and behaviours.

In short learning to give yourself allowance on anything is going to be ground breaking if you haven’t been doing it already.

Allowing yourself to be successful.
Allowing yourself to love money.
Allowing yourself to give up your (already non-existent) social life in order to focus on yourself.
Allowing yourself to be deserving of the very best things life can offer.

The biggest one for me that I have been and still am working is my huge money blocks. I hadn’t even know I had any until I came across Denise Duffield-Thomas book ‘Chillpreneur’ which then lead me to read her (just finished) ‘Lucky Bitch – A Guid For Exceptional Women To Create Outrageous Success’ which has been both mind blowing! A book review will be coming.
I’ve currently moved on to her next book – ‘Get Rich Lucky Bitch! Release Your Money Blocks and Live a First-Class Life.” Which so far has been very good also. It’s been an eyeopener on the way women have seen (in some instances still are) when they have money. More to come in the not to distance future.

clipboard styled flat lay by ms jemini

This was just a small update, I know I haven’t been consistent with my blogging. I do want to have a new blog posted every week and even up to twice a week. When you’re still trying to learn how to organise everything, things are all still being done off the cuff at the moment. However, which is why I have been enjoying printable planners. I’m slowly teaching myself how to plan everything. EVERYTHING.

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Please enjoy Hey, July! Weekly planner:

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