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Lucky B*tch by Denise Duffield-Thomas – Not A Book Review

A Guide For Exceptional Women to Create Outrageous Success

Warning: contains some bad language.

23rd June, 2019

After I had finished ‘Chillpreneur’’ by Denise Duffield-Thomas I soon quickly moved onto her next book – Lucky Bitch I was not expecting how much of another impact this book would make on me.
If you haven’t heard of Denise DT before she is a “money mindset mentor for the new wave of online entrepreneurs. Denise helps women release their fear of money, set premium prices for their services and take back control over their finances.”

I have been removing (many) Money & Success blocks – as I’ve mentioned a few times already and of course, it hasn’t been easy! When you grow up with a set of beliefs, they do compound and become stubbornly ingrained within us. Once I began working on the issues I have surrounding my views and behaviour about money & success, holy crap the things I began to uncover from my past gave me even more new stuff to be worked on.

Book summary:

Can you learn to be lucky?
Self-made millionaire Denise Duffield-Thomas not only believes this is possible, she knows it’s possible. From being broke, hating her office job and generally having a life that made her completely miserable, Denise went on to travel the world and make all of her dreams come true within the space of a few years. She attracted more than half a million dollars- worth of free travel, scholarships, prizes and bank errors in her favour, and in this book she reveals how you can do the same.

Whether you’re already lucky and want to attract even more into your life, or you feel like your luck is just about to run out, Lucky Bitch will show you how to take action in areas of your life that are lacking in magic.

With her trademark humour and encouragement, Denise gives clear and effective instructions based on the principles of the Law of Attraction to get you closer to living your dream life. You’ll also learn the ‘Ten Lucky Bitch Commandments’ and how to use them to create luck in all areas of life, including business and money.

This book has already changed the lives of tens of thousands of women. Now it has the potential to change yours. If you’ve been asking for an answer or a miracle, this book is it!

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What is success?

My mother told me I was always quiet. Even as an infant, I barely cried. The other week, I did ask her what did she think I would do when I grew up.

Her words:

“You didn’t want to do anything.”

For a moment I felt like a loser. Was I destined to not be successful?

She added: “But when you put your mind to do something, you stuck to it until you got it.”

Where does success come from?

Are you born with it?
Or is it developed over time?

For so long I had no idea! Let alone know what I wanted to do for the rest of my freaking life! However, once I entered my teenage years, I began to read about celebrities. Models, actors and most of all singers. The lifestyle of the rich and famous did make me curious and soon enough…I wanted to become rich and famous.

That’s when I began writing stories in my diary, daydreamed about being discovered by accident or whoever I had a crush on, dreamed and wrote about what it would be like being the girlfriend of one of The New Kids On The Block Jordan Knight or Chris Smith from Kriss Kross.
I wrote in detail how I would meet my rich and famous boyfriend, usually really cheesy, like they saw me in the front row of their concert. Eyes locking. World fading and all that icky romantic stuff. He will then whisk me away to live in America in their big mansion and have maids attend to our needs.

My version of a fairy-tale.

First off, I never got to attend concerts due to being too young and wasn’t earning my own money yet to buy tickets. So, that dream never came true.

Of course your views on success changes over time…

When I became more aware about the world, I was soon exposed to the knowledge of poverty in some countries. Seeing ads on television of kids in Ethiopia, their belly protruding with stick thin arms and legs got to me. Soon I felt so guilty that I was living in a house, food given to me on a plate, new clothes and shoes given to me wasn’t fair. I turned my back on materialism and made a promise to never be greedy. Ever since, my attitude towards money and success, well, became warped.

It would then create a long, complicated and confusing way of living.

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I watched others around me find true love, get married, buy a house, move to another country and then pop out their babies. Some went on to create their own businesses or land really amazing creative jobs that allows them to travel the world.

While I continued to keep myself small.

Get Over Yourself

No really. You have to get over yourself. Being self aware, I knew I had to make changes to my mindset and behaviours (yet) again. There is always something new to learn.

But! First and foremost: You have to make peace with your past.
I get it, we’ve been sooo…disappointed with our past that we don’t realise how long we hold onto past guilt, past events and most of all past shame. I’ll admit there were things I purposely pushed away and locked up into the deepest recesses of my mind, only for them to come haunt me out of not where, sudden and completely at the most random of times.

Then the dreaded excuses – “It’s too late.” And “I’m too old.”

Cut that out right now.

I’m 39.
I’m unmarried.
I am child free.
In a career that I have been hanging onto because of the debt I created with credit cards, personal loans and paying things off on big ticket items that are a necessity to my expensive hobbies.
Society expects to you have it all together when you get to a certain age. They assume by the time you’re in your 30s you’re a complete adult.

But we all know what utter bullshit that is.

Self improvement is a life long commitment and isn’t something that is supposed to be a “walk in the park”.

As I dig and dig something crops up and another and another…

The other morning, my nose buried in Lucky Bitch as I made train commute to work, I came across the ‘The Ten Lucky Bitch Commandments’…

And there it was:

1. Start with Forgiveness

It hits me.

Every cell in my body is electric. My mind splits open, memories flood my mind, my face grows hot as I feel anger, sadness and…humiliation crash like waves.


I have a big task ahead of me and it ain’t going to be pretty. I never faced how long I have been holding onto resentment…So many parts of my life sit in shallow graves.

And it’s time to truly bury them once and for all.

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Once you get over the hurdle of thinking it’s all too late and start forgiving. You become more confident and oh my goodness, start to enjoy life…for some of us, again… 

For some of us it takes a little bit longer to realise that there is so much to life and it can take some working on yourself to really begin creating the life you want and when was the last time you asked or have ever asked yourself:

Why not me? 

Why not me being freakishly rich?
Why not me be able to travel first-class all the time on an aeroplane?
Why not me run a mega successful online business(es)?
Why not you <insert whatever it is your heart desires>!? 

But Ms Jemini, you’re not wildly successful! Well, no, not yet. But I am working on it.
This is a tale of caution to never give up on your dreams. To never let society dictate the way you want to live your life.

Besides, there is plenty of success for E V E R Y O N E.

What Are You Waiting For?

Are you waiting for that perfect timing? Or are you too busy still hiding behind excuses. Or worst, talks about their goals to everyone and never actually set anything in motion.

Well, whatever it is you’re hiding from. Today is the day you’re going to start. Yes, it is scary as fuck. It is going to be slow at times and feel as though you’re not making any progress. But remember, any progress big or small is progress.

Oh, also, it is definitely not going to be easy!

Know this, that each moment you put off your big dreams, you’re going to wake up in 10 years time and go, damn it…I should have started all those years ago…

I’ll end it with one of my favourite quotes (I love quotes, if you haven’t noticed already) below, of course I highly recommend reading this book to really get you thinking about creating outrageous success!

Also, I would love to hear from you in the comments below on what you’ve been doing to create the life you want.

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