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How To Get Multiple Photos From A Single Stock Photo

Stock photos make your life easier. They can help build your brand style and even generate money for the type of service you provide. The world does have a plethora of stock images available and it can get really overwhelming at times when searching for those ‘perfect’ images. But that is why it’s so wonderful and I enjoy creating them as well as using them for a source of inspiration.

Most of us then wonder, okay, I have my photo or photos, now what do I do with them?

Photo stock is usually sold in high resolution which can easily allow customisation. And if you didn’t know already, the ideal photo/image resolution for the internet is 1366 x 768px. It use to be 1024 x 786px, but thanks to our powerful computer monitors, smartphone and tablet device displays can cope with higher resolution.

how to get multiple photos from a single stock photo by ms jemini

Why Stock Photos?

Stock photos are an affordable option to brand your website, blog or social media, especially when you’re just starting out and on a budget.

Stock photos can help create a cohesive visual brand across all your marketing channels.

The beauty about stock photos is you can change it up to suit your needs, don’t like the colour? No problem add a filter over it or change it into a moody black and white photo.

And the great thing with stock photos is usually there is negative space for you to place your product, design logo or text by simply overlaying them. Not sure how to do this? I have a very quick tutorial to show you how you can add your own text.

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But, Why Don’t I Just Take My Own Photos?

Why haven’t you? I know we live in an age where we can just pick up our smartphone device and fire off a few snaps. That’s great. And I am all for everyone giving it a go when creating their own brand photos. But not everyone is going to have the time to make their own photos when you already have enough to be worrying about:

Brand Name
Mission Statement
Blogging (if you’re into that)

THE list can go on and on when you’re a solopreneur!

We are juggling so many things when creating a business (unless you’re able to have some things outsourced), and that is why having photos ready made is so, so handy, it will save you time and even make you money!
And when you buy stock photos from someone, you are helping them with continuing on with their business, this in turn will create some great karma for you!

My favourite places to shop is of course Etsy.
Second is Creative Market and occasionally Shutter Stock.
I mainly buy fonts, icons, backgrounds, mockups and the occasional stock photo too!
If you’re strapped for cash, Unsplash is a great source for free high resolution photos gifted from photographers around the world! I even pop a few freebies on there and have had couple make into editorial.

Do I Have To Give Credit All The Time?

It’s not always required to give credit where you got your stock photo from, but the photographer who created it doesn’t mind either. Giving credit helps them immensely and it makes us feel good when we see our photos being used.

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