hurt people, hurt people - visual poetry #02 by ms jemini
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Hurt People, Hurt People – Visual Poetry #02

When you think about all the relationships you’ve had in the past. 

You realise how insignificant they really are. 

There is no earth moving, your soul didn’t truly burst and your heart never truly loved.

It was all an illusion.

Lessons disguised as love to show you what you truly want. 

Of course hurting one another is unavoidable. 

No break up is easy and it dosn’t get any easier after experiencing major ones.

Hurt people, hurt people.

In the peak of a break up, the truth comes out, the real truth.  

When two people aren’t meant to be, what has been brewing beneath the surface comes to light.

Words of truth stab deep. You both push daggers into each others hearts as you both deliver the truth. And fuck. It hurts.

Two people released back out into the world to restart their lives again.

Battered and bruised souls eventually will come to terms…

that they simply were not meant to be.

I hope you enjoyed my second instalment of this new ‘Visual Poetry’.

Taken from a collection of poems I have been writing over the years, it’s the first time I have really said one out loud and also putting it out there into the world.
So this is a huge deal!

I’m still in the amateur phase making short films, so please don’t be harsh if you would like to comment.

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