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Your Money Mindset And It’s Time to Change Them

I don’t share many of the things I have been learning lately, mostly because I have been practicing keeping quiet until I have either achieved or seeing results.
You might be someone who is okay with announcing everything that they do to the world to “hold you accountable”, but I’m the complete opposite! Announcing everything hasn’t given me much results in the past.

I have finished the third book by Denise Thomas-Duffield: Get Rich Lucky Bitch! Release Your Money Blocks & Live A First-Class Life.

Yes I am a self help book junkie! And since I have been getting back into reading books again, I have been making it a new habit to ensure I finish to to the very end rather juggling three, sometimes four books all at once! Plus, it is a lot more satisfying when you reach the end of the book. I found by not posting what book I am ABOUT to read on social media, I have a better chance of actually finish it, weird right? Hey, whatever works, works.

I have never been open about money. Neither have you. Because society has made it a taboo subject to talk about how much you earn and it was considered rude to discuss money when you’re at the dinner table. That was the generation I grew up in.

your money mindset by ms jemini

The majority of us has gown up with the money mindset of that

Money is the root of evil
It’s better to be poor and happy than rich and sad
Money can’t by happiness
Rich people are snobby (okay, maybe some)
Rich people are egotistical (actually, again some)
My favourite: Money doesn’t grow on trees. – no shit Sherlock!
Sound familiar? I could go on with the amount of society’s blocks towards money, but I don’t want to turn this post into an accidental novel.

I have always been afraid of money

When you set out too do some self work, you usually have to go  pretty far back into your past and examine where all your behaviours began.

First, I examined the way I was brought up:
My parents worked – a lot and very hard.
Out of respect of keeping my parents privacy, I will only mention this:
never had I ever felt we were a poor family.

I did however find myself working part-time at the age of 15 when I became a ‘check out chick’ at Kmart, a lot of my friends also had part-time jobs after school in order to be able to buy our own things and so it was the norm to be working in your teenage years.

I earned okay for a 15 year old. It made me a pretty independent teenager back then. Even though I was still living at home, I didn’t have to pay any bills or pay my share in anything and my parents never asked. So, I was able to have a lot of freedom on what I could spend my pay on.

Usually it would be spent on clothes and shoes, I wanted to make sure I was keeping up with the trends back then and and over the years developed a shoe addiction, mainly sneakers because no one goes to rave parties in open fields in high heels. And it was the 90’s, female fashion was pretty masculine: baggy jeans and tops.

It wouldn’t be until I was given my first credit card…

your money mindset quote 1 by ms jemini

In short: that developed a really unhealthy attitude with money. Know why, the moment I go it. I went and dropped…three hundred and fifty dollars on a pair of shoes. Yup. And back then, that was a fortune! I wanted to look cool with my big “moon boots” they were the perfect raver shoes. They had the thickest soles, had laces AND velcro straps! The icing was they reflected when light hit them. They soon became shoes I would never not wear. I actually have kept them all this time also!

Once I got a tase of how easy it was to spend money, little did I know back then I would end up hating money. Yes.

Hating Money

Soon, I was in debt. I suddenly had bills to pay and next thing I know, I didn’t have the excess money I use to always have. The bills started coming in to pay off the credit card and not only that I got into even more debt when I took out a Student Loan after dropping out of high school to go and do a Tourism Course. That. Was a loaded gun.

I had access to basically “an endless supply” of money. This is where I felt the most shame thinking about the amount of money I was withdrawing. I even BROUGHT a car!! An old Morris Minor. Which I couldn’t even freaking drive anyway because I wasn’t good with driving manual. I later sold it.
Over time, the my money spending became so mindless, I even skipped the country to Australia without paying my Student Loan debt. Don’t worry I ended up paying the thing off over….five years of my life.

Paying off my Student Loan was quite possibly the biggest money lesson of my life. Because I had “forgotten” about it, it accumulated interest. My five grand debt turned into a…brace yourself: 12 GRAND debt. A part of me died on the inside when I saw the total and my goodness the shame I felt kicked me in the butt.

Taking Responsibility

Payment plan in place, I slowly chipped away at the old debt and paid off it within 5 years. I could have paid it quicker if I didn’t have rent, bills and food to buy. Did this finally stop me from getting into more debt though?

Hell. No.

The problem with society is it glorifies credit cards and being in debt. It’s almost as though it’s a rite of passage if you don’t have at least one or two maybe even three credit cards in your wallet (thank goodness I cut mine up!). I ended up with an on again off again relationship with credit cards throughout my young adult life. The thing with lessons, sometimes they have to repeat and repeat and well, repeat again in order for you to finally take notice and go, c’mon ENOUGH.

Inner Belief Worries

Being aware of how many people live in poverty, I worried about money making me materialistic and would make me pretentious. And especially after that Student Loan lesson…I began to get wracked with guilt whenever I would buy something for myself. Even to this day I barely buy new clothes.
All my items of clothing get worn until the very point they are ripped and riddled with holes…

Not a great way to be treating yourself.

When you practice being cheap and well, basically a tight arse all your life you don’t realise the money blocks you’ve created.

your money mindset quote 2 by ms jemini

Money is a mindset

We have to start feeling good about money and stop giving it a bad impression. I know it may not be easy sometimes when our reality isn’t pretty spectacular. You’re in a shitty job, you’re serving greasy fast food, you’re in a retail shop that has set too high of a sale target expectation, you’re simply not getting the dream clients you want or you’re in an abusive relationship you can’t leave because of lack of money and worst you could be being promised money that never comes.

Whatever your reality is right now and you’re wanting to make changes in your life, it begins with…your mind.
It’s going to take a lot of big mindset shifts in order to start living the life you dream of or want to achieve. Which is why, it’s so important to write down those goals no matter how big or small they are. And put in that intense focus on action steps to get you closer to where you want to be with your money goals.

It’s not going to be easy. I’m still working through a lot, and I mean A LOT of money blocks, I’m even working on ones where I have picked up other peoples money baggage. But I have been doing my forgiveness work to clear away any of my deeply rooted resentment and frustration.

So below are some of the new practices I have implemented from the book, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch and been doing it consistently. Emphasis on consistently and doing them daily:

* Write down/track each time you receive money – this is pretty amazing when you start to see how much money you are always getting.

* Create an automatic savings account today – start off small what you’re comfortable with, set and forget. Then check it every three months and if you’re able, increase the amount.
I personally have several saving accounts, for me it feels good knowing I have multiple sources of money saved and make sure you find banks with high interest saving.

* Declutter your old money stories (warning: lots of triggers will happen when you dig into your past) AND your life – we know decluttering always creates space to have things flow easily into your life!

* Set better goals – the fastest way to manifest anything is writing down your goals everyday! Didn’t achieve your goal(s)? Re-write them differently. Most importantly visualise each day and create emotionally charged outcomes of seeing yourself achieving your goal – feel how your future self will feel once you’ve achieved your goal.

* Get clear on the kind of wealth you want to create – mine has been pretty simple since I am only training my manifesting muscle right now and so far I have been very happy with the results. I’m clearing my debts faster than I have ever done before!

* Start forgiving! heal your past, those who have hurt you or wronged and most importantly forgive YOURSELF. This has been having such an amazing and even magical effect. Try it now! Write down all the stuff you need to forgive, do it as often as you like and doesn’t have to be fancy. I’m doing forgiveness work everyday now because there is always something new that will crop up.

* Use this forgiveness mantra to release old money stories, past hurt and anything that requires to be released from within: “I forgive you. Thank you. I’m sorry. And I love you.” You can rearrange to suit.

* Program your mind with affirmations. Find ones that resonate to you for your money goals.

* Set reminders on your phone to see your affirmation message pop up throughout the day. I have lots popping up almost every hour throughout my day and the effect has been also amazing! It’s a proven fact you can rewire your brain by interrupting your thought patterns. 

* Release family money drama. Can be a tough one, but feeling guilty or carrying other family members money baggage will only keep you from reaching your goals.

* Start upgrading your life. Upgrading could be something like paying someone else to do your housework. To simply starting to buy better quality food or house hold items. Doing this also helps you acclimatise to being wealthy.

This one I’m still finding a little difficult I still find myself feeling guilty spending money on myself or I always block buying an item when I start thinking about “but I can get this instead of…”

* Send out good vibes a.k.a. blessings to everyone and anyone and it is a sure way to receive what you send out right back! I practice this at night when I am about to go to sleep, I think about my family, friends, workmates and even those who follow me on social media and send out lots of good energy!

* Lastly: live like a wealthy person NOW. Find ways to implement your dream life into your reality and you might just surprise yourself.

Would love to hear from you in the comments below. Let me know if you start manifesting money out of nowhere or beginning to feel more comfortable talking about money! 

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