• get rich, Lucky Bitch book by Denise DT by ms jemini

    Your Money Mindset And It’s Time to Change Them

    I don’t share many of the things I have been learning lately, mostly because I have been practicing keeping quiet until I have either achieved or seeing results.You might be someone who is okay with announcing everything that they do to the world to “hold you accountable”, but I’m the complete opposite! Announcing everything hasn’t given me much results in…

  • hurt people, hurt people - visual poetry #02 by ms jemini
    Short Films

    Hurt People, Hurt People – Visual Poetry #02

    When you think about all the relationships you’ve had in the past. You realise how insignificant they really are. There is no earth moving, your soul didn’t truly burst and your heart never truly loved. It was all an illusion. Lessons disguised as love to show you what you truly want. Of course hurting one another is unavoidable. No break…

  • melancholia - visual poetry 01 by ms Jemini
    Short Films

    Melancholia – Visual Poetry #01

    There is something so beautiful about waking up in the early hours of the morning. The stillness. The Quietness. And you get to witness the way the clouds change colours as the sun begins to rise… Here is my first instalment of ‘Visual Poetry’ series. Pin Me? Links & Socials: Styled Stock Photos on Etsy Come say hi on Instagram!…

  • Mablelous by ms Jemini

    How To Get Multiple Photos From A Single Stock Photo

    Stock photos make your life easier. They can help build your brand style and even generate money for the type of service you provide. The world does have a plethora of stock images available and it can get really overwhelming at times when searching for those ‘perfect’ images. But that is why it’s so wonderful and I enjoy creating them…

  • Photo Stories

    Through Fear

    I am courageous. I know that it’s through fear that I grow and learn the most. Pin Me? Links & Social: Styled Stock Photos on Etsy Come say hi on Instagram! Check Out My Facebook Page My FREE Photos for you! Help My Caffeine Addiction See you again soon!

  • Short Films

    Behind The Scenes 22nd June, 2019

    Today is Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. I woke up to the sound of rain hitting the window, all too easily I could have had stayed in the warm cosy bed. Instead I got up. Did my morning rituals. And headed out with my boyfriend to Queen Vic Markets to buy some beautiful flowers. It was raining…

  • clipboard styled flat lay by ms jemini

    Hey, July! & Your Free Printable Planner

    19th July, 2019 It’s been quite the first 6 months! I launched by brand and opened up my Etsy Shop and have since been learning so much.I joined a wonderful network of like minded entrepreneurial women called FEA (Female Entrepreneur Association) and gaining more knowledge as time progresses. In the beginning I found myself constantly wanting to work on my…

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