• exploring the Otway Rainforest at the Otway Fly Treetop Adventures
    In The Making

    Learning To Print From A Home Studio

    25th April, 2019 (Please hit ‘Visit Site’ to see this article in a less messy blob of words). Know what is funny, I sometimes catch myself getting really overwhelmed when I realise that I’m actually putting action into one of my very, very long term goals. When I see myself actually DOING rather than heading off into the clouds and…

  • the photographer's playbook pink flat lay
    In The Making

    The Infuriating Instagram Puzzle

    But Not Really! 19th April, 2019 (Please hit ‘Visit Site’ to see this article in a less messy blob of words – reader panel doesn’t show my photos). What is an Instagram Puzzle? Basically it is a big photo collage broken up into individual posts. My first practice attempt: Why has it become so trendy? Well, there is always someone…

  • how to make roses look less boring

    Make Roses Look Less Boring

    A while ago, I went into a florist and spotted some roses and was surprised of the way they looked. I ask to buy the roses, during small chit-chat I watch her…simply open up the roses one petal at a time until they looked almost fake. Funny how something so simple can make something we see all time look completely…

  • testing out different paper to print on
    In The Making

    Preparing To (Finally) Sell Your Art

    16th April, 2019  (Please hit ‘Visit Site’ to see this article in a less messy glop – not sure why the reader panel doesn’t show my photos). Hello new rabbit hole! I fell into countless hours reading up on printers and watching YouTube videos of various reviews, how to’s and what not to do. I was all set on getting…

  • in the studio today a short film by ms jemini
    Short Films

    In The Studio Today

    13th April, 2019 Taking you behind the scenes with my current art/photography projects. I am also wanting to add more video to go with my other content: photography & writing. And it is pretty fun and shooting video on my new-ish camera (Fujifilm X-T3). Plus, I’m not doing anything complicated such as crazy special effects. In this instalment: we have…

  • walking the grounds at the Mansion in Werribee

    A Step Back in Time

    10th March, 2019 Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be living in a different era? I’ve always have had a curiosity in living in the Victorian times. Of course, I would want to be someone with status in order to be able to have less than dreadful life. To have servants at my beck and call.…

  • peach coloured roses at the Victoria state rose garden

    A Walk Among The Roses

    I hate summer. I can’t stand the heat! Heat makes me grumpy and not to mention uncomfortable when you’re sweating in places you didn’t know existed! Summer can really restrict you in a lot of ways. The heat makes you not want to do anything, but sit in front of a cooler and. NOT. MOVE. It also annoys me. I…

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